Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Links to places we were

As I go through the hundreds of photos we took, it's fun to be looking up websites of the places we visited, where possible.  I found it pretty amazing that in Indonesia, a "third world" country, the internet is very accessible for the most part...more so than in my home town in the US!  So I thought it would be worthwhile to make a record of some of these links...in case I want to go back.  :)

Gili Air

Map of Gili Air

Salabose Restaurant was very good, we ate there a few times.  Also at Gita Gili and Casa Mio.  We went snorkeling from Gita Gili.

Lucy's Garden Hotel
I do believe we were their first guests.

Ubud, Bali

Monkey Forest

Ubud Inn
We were actually right next door, we ate at their restaurant and used their free internet service.

Bicyling Tour
I would love to go back and take some of their other tours.  We learned alot with Joe as our guide.

BAS Nature
Coffee Plantation


Freddie's Santai Sumur Tiga
In Sabang, on Wey Island

The Jungle Inn
In Bukit Lawang, right near the Bohorok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre.

Bohorok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

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