Sunday, December 26, 2010

Plans are forming

The first steps of our journey are planned and ready to go.

We leave from Fargo, ND on Wednesday morning, 1/12/10.  First stop is Minneapolis, and then non-stop to Tokyo where we'll be staying overnight, hopefully to sleep and get refreshed.  No time for any sight seeing there, because the next morning we'll be off to Kuala Lumpur, arriving at about 6:30 pm on Friday.

Sarah has booked us tickets to Jakarta, where she promised to meet us at the airport and drag us (we will surely be zombies by then - about 11:15pm) to an airport hotel where we can become human again. She is in charge of the plans, and has surprises up her sleeve!    She's not divulging much at this point but whatever we do, it will be different from being in northern Minnesota in January!!

It's getting exciting!  I think I'll go see how my packing is progressing!

Friday, December 3, 2010

More picture practice

Here are Dad and Mike in October.  We had lunch at this nice restaurant right on the water, can't remember the name of the place, it's near Tampa.  It's the only restaurant I've ever been to where the waiter advised "no, you really don't want to order that".  Can't remember the waiter's name, either.  Mike?  Help!

and here's a really different part of my world...right outside my door, there's David climbing up his new ham radio tower to fix a connector.  He's not supposed to go up there when he's home alone.
Both of these photos are uploaded from my camera card.  Much the easiest way to add photos to blog.  Just don't lose the camera or the card!

The arch in Summer

The arch in Summer
Originally uploaded by kditz

Greener days in Northern Minnesota. This picture is coming over from Flickr straight to my blog! "oh, fer cool!"

Picture of a quilt

This picture was upload from PhotoBucket.  I'm not really sure how to center it.  Ah.  That's how.  Okay, that was interesting and much clunkier than just throwing up the picture from the camera picture card.  Now to try the other photo website.

Practice with Pictures

Which is better, PhotoBucket or Flickr?   The Blackberry upload is really cool but I guess my Blackberry will be incapacitated overseas.  So I have some pictures on Flickr and some on PhotoBucket. I just tried uploading to the blog from PhotoBucket, was told it was a success, but I don't see anything yet.  I'll give it a few minutes, meanwhile I'll upload something from Flickr.