Friday, February 4, 2011

Bukit Lawang and The Jungle Inn

On Sunday, we left Banda Aceh by plane for Medan.  The flight is about 45 minutes.  We were on our way to Bohorok Orangutan Center.

Once again, Sarah had done the research and found a place for us to stay, including arrangements to get there.  We were met at the airport by Raman, whisked off to a car driven by another man whose name I didn't get - he never spoke the whole 2 hour drive, Raman is the guide and he did all the talking.  One thing I have no desire to ever do is to be the driver in Sumatra.  Again, the two-lane roads are filled with motorbikes and small cars, passing and honking, driving 3 abreast, passing on hills and curves.  This road had the added pleasure of very large trucks and many potholes.  We went from busy city of Medan to more city of Binjai to rural villages, through miles and miles and miles of Palm Oil Plantation to the town of Bukit Lawang.  We were let off at the top of a hill, told its a 10-minute walk to the Jungle Inn.  The sidewalk goes down the hill and then along the river.  Our lodging is the very last one on the road, nearest to the Orangutan Center.  Raman took our luggage and piled it onto his motorbike along with a friend to help him hold the luggage, and we started walking.  It was getting dark.  We were amazed when we arrived at the Jungle Inn, our room is at the very top.

The Jungle Inn serves meals, it was time to eat.

Chicken Pineapple Curry

Chicken Jungle Inn Style

Vegetable Curry
Here's the view out our window the next morning.

 And breakfast, of course...

Yoghurt with mixed fruit and honey

Yoghurt with mixed fruit, muesli, and honey

Banana Pancake
Raman is taking us to orangutan feeding center at 8:00, and then for a 3-hour hike through the jungle.

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