Saturday, February 5, 2011

Last Day in Indonesia

Our last full day was Monday.  After our trek, we went *home* and cleaned up, then went to dinner at another nearby restaurant called Jungle Trails.  A monkey wanted to join us, but our waiter Jaka kept the monkey away.  Then Jaka offered a guitar to David, David played it a little bit and then Jaka played a song for us.

Tuesday morning, we took some more pictures of this pretty little village.

Our last meal in Sumatra was simple fare:  some french fries and some fruit.  As we were waiting, we watched a girl who worked in the restaurant cutting flowers from the yard.  Lots of flowers...we did not realize they were going into our fruit bowl!  What a gorgeous display!

Raman, David, Sarah, Kim
Some final pictures of Sumatra as we make our way back to Medan, to the airport.

Another airport
Another plane

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