Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Here's what fell yesterday

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The scene of the ouch

The scene of the ouch

Yesterday I went to the doctor...well, not the doctor but the PA...or no, it says she's an NP, whatever that is...but I no longer have a doctor because the one I'd had forever decided to move on and do I ever miss having a doctor who knows me and can answer my questions intelligently and knows what SHE is doing...well anyway, that's another issue.  I went for my vaccinations and pills.

Tetanus.  Typhoid.  Malaria.  Ciproflaxin.

First the nurse goes thru it all, getting my weight and blood pressure and all that.  She writes down the above.  We check and see I had my tetanus booster last year.  Yay, one less shot to take!  And then she tells me she thinks I might have to go to Grand Forks for the Typhoid and Malaria stuff.  I told her my husband had gotten it here last week.  Oh, okay then.

In comes the NP.  She looks over this stuff, we talk about it, she pulls up the CDC webpage and asks me to find what we're looking for. www.cdc.gov/  Travelers' Health.  Indonesia.  Gets alarmed when she sees "Yellow Fever" because I had not asked for that vaccine, and I pointed out that they're just saying anyone coming to Indonesia from a country where Yellow Fever is present needs to follow those instructions...she's still hesitant.  I pointed out that the US is not one of those countries.   Then we find the list of malaria vaccines and she's a bit boggled by this.  She asked which one my husband got last week..."I don't know, should I call him?" I asked.   No, we can look it up.   So she pulls up his name in the clinic directory and gets his Rx for Mefloquine , hastily read the instructions.   Back to my Rx, she types in "1 tablet the week prior, 1 tablet during, 1 tablet 4 weeks after travel" and I told her it's supposed to be "1 tablet each week of travel and each week for 4 weeks after"...we're going to be gone 3 weeks, so I'd need.... (shh...the answer is 8)...she says "I'll just write it for 30".    So Sarah, if you're reading this, I can stay with you for a few months extra!!

And then the Rx for the Ciproflaxin, just in case.  That one went pretty smoothly, I think.  I haven't actually filled the Rx yet so maybe not.

And then the nurse comes in with the shot for Typhoid.  I hate shots.  But it went in real smoothly, no problemo!  Until a few hours later and I can barely move my arm!  OUCH no one told me this would hurt!  I guess they didn't know since they didn't even know we had the typhoid vaccine in-house.   One day later and still it hurts when I move my arm certain ways.  But I won't get typhoid!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ben's kitty

Ben's kitty

Testing of sending picture from my phone straight to the blog!  It works!  Nevermind the feet in the background.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another answer

The answer to the travel agent question.  I did call the boss of the travel agency and told him about my experience and how disappointed I was.  He apologized and explained how different agents have different styles and the one I was speaking with isn't the one if you want Warm Fuzzies.  I guess I wanted Warm Fuzzies.  So I did go back and talk to the right agent for me and we do have our tickets!!   And it was quite helpful to have an experienced travel agent plugging in the requests.  We're going to Indonesia in January for three weeks!  All we have to do is get ourselves there and Sarah will plan the rest of our itinerary.   I requested a visit to the orangutan refuge, David asked for snorkeling... And Sarah has sweet places she wants to show us in her adopted country. 

My intention now is to get used to posting on a regular basis, and get very familiar with uploading pictures so I can share this adventure with friends and family.  We'll see how I do.  

The answer is no

It's a chain guard and apparently they cannot be purchased from a bike shop unless you find one that has been salvaged.  I'm kind of bummed about that.  I mailed mine to Honest Paul at the Honest Bike Shop in Rochester, MN; he checked to see if he had a match and he doesn't.  Now we're communicating with voice messages and he says he doesn't know why I'd want this back... I do because it's mine and I still hope to find a replacement!  He did offer some suggestions, there's a bike shop in Grand Forks?  and there's a company in Wisconsin that owns the Schwinn Company?  He's very helpful, Paul is, but bottom line is that I don't have a chain guard and I liked having it. 

It's winter anyway.