Thursday, February 3, 2011

Catching up - Sabang again

We are home now, feeling a bit jet lagged, and I need to pick up where our story last ended and share the rest of the trip.  Last time I put pictures up we were in Sabang in the drizzle, totally relaxed and enjoying the tropical paradise and the gourmet food.

I did not take pictures of the food the second night either, but I did take notes when Freddie introduced the meal

Asparagus Soup
Vegi Cakes
Beef marinated in a tomato based sauce
Potatoes with garlic butter
Stir Fry Veg - cauliflower, broccoli, carrots
Cucumbers in turmeric and other spices
Greek Salad
Something called Kopar (?) with a cheese sauce
Dessert - Orange Zest Cake

Remember, all this for about $7.20.  Amazing.  And delicious.

The next morning (Saturday), we were to catch the ferry back to Banda Aceh, so we had an early breakfast (6:30).   Freddie was up and cooking.  Freddie works hard.  It was pouring down rain again, which was probably a good thing for if it had been clear and sunny we would have been sad to leave.

There were other guest taking the ferry also, so we all piled into a car.  The windows were all steamed up due to the rain and the humidity, we couldn't see out very well, but that did not prevent the driver from driving like a madman in a race to the finish.  He couldn't see out very well either, he kept wiping a spot in the windshield to peer out of.   The rain was coming down and the road was crowded with cars and motorbikes.  People were taking children to school in the rain, kids on the backs of motorbikes were underneath the poncho of the parent driving.  So it was another crazy drive, passing cars and honking horns the whole way.  We got to the ferry with plenty of time.

Sarah met us in Banda Aceh, where it was sunny.  We went back to her house.

Sarah's street

Sarah's house

The motorbike garage
By the time we were ready to go check back in to Hotel 61, it was raining.  We required two becaks for the ride, because we each had a bag with us from our little trip to the island.

 I took this picture from inside my becak, can you see David in there?

 Actually, it was quite comfortable - and dry inside!

This banner, and many more, were lining the median across from the hotel.  The letters are made from plastic flower petals, I'm told this is a tradition in Aceh.  The banners are very attention-getting!

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