Saturday, February 5, 2011

Forest People

"Orang" = "person"
"Utan" = "forest"

Monday morning we visited the Bohorok Orangutan Center's feeding station.  They feed the orangutans at 8:30 am and 3:00 pm each day.  We met Raman headed to the Center, but first we had to get across the river.

The ferry doesn't hold very many people at once.   Sarah and I went first and then snapped some pictures of David coming over.

It's a very quick trip.  We got our permits, took a hike uphill to the feeding station and settled in to see who would come.

Feeding time is only for 1/2 hour.  Then we all go our separate ways.  We were going on a 3- hour trek through the jungle, with Raman as our guide.  The rain forest is an amazing place.  And we were lucky to see two more orangutans in the wild.

Banana Break

At the end of our trek, we walked through a grove of rubber trees.  This is how the rubber is collected from the tree.  A strip of bark is cut diagonally, and a bowl is attached to the tree.  The rubber slowly drips into the bowl.

We came out of the jungle overlooking the town of Bukit Lawang.

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