Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lampu 'uk

So.  There is a beach in Banda Aceh.  On Saturday, Sarah arranged to have a driver take us to the beach, it's a half hour drive from the city.  The driver picked us up at the hotel, drove us to the beach and waited there for us until after sunset.  We strolled up the beach, had a beer at the one restaurant (which is very nice), went back down to the water to watch the sunset.  It was unbelievably gorgeous.  I think Sarah made some arrangement with the sunset-maker for our last night in Banda Aceh.

These bungalows are overlooking the beach.

Bats fly out of these caves at sunset.

Since the Acehnese people have no interest in lolling around on a beach, they bring their cows here.  Yes, these are cow droppings.  We stayed away from them.

 Thank you, Sarah!  

After watching the sunset, we went to a party to belatedly celebrate Australia Day.  I don't remember seeing those wavy lights in the room... but it sure makes the room look festive!  Australians sure know how to party!

Coming up:  on to the rain forest!!

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