Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tropical Paradise

Standing outside the FM7 Hotel, Jakarta

Same place, different people

Jakarta Airport, Saturday morning.  Our tour guide decided Jakarta is not worthwhile, so we're off for a real adventure!  Boarding and flying to...

Arrival at Mataran, Lombok.  The plane was packed full. Gathering luggage was crazy, but while we did that Sarah lined up a car and driver to take us north, through villages and jungle.   At one point, our driver offered to stop and let us take pictures of the monkeys.

So we did.

So here's where our driver took us and after a bit of rangling, we jumped onto a 16' speedboat with an 85 horsepower Yamaha outboard motor,

And off we sped

Sarah said I looked terrified...I didn't feel terrified.  I think it was more like overwhelmed.  We arrived at Gili Air harbor, and our luggage was loaded onto a horsecart, and off we clopped to look at potential bungalows to rent.  Here's what we settled on.

We even have a/c!  We were all three going to stay here but Aaron, the owner, came and gave us a one-time offer of the next door bungalow for Sarah at a substantial discount.  

Sarah's is the first one, ours in the middle.  I think the owner lives in the third one.  We haven't seen much of him since we checked in.  That night, he offered us tea, coffee, or beer.  We all said "beer", and he sent someone off on a bicycle to get cold frosty Bintang beer, brewed in Indonesia.  Three big bottles and three mugs.  There are no motorized vehicles on this island.

Sunday morning, David and I walked around the little island of Gili Air.  The people are very friendly, holloring out "hello" when we pass.  Many horse/cart drivers offered their services.  The leisurely walk was just what we needed after days of travel on planes/car/boat.

Rice, boiled water spinach, tofu and a peanut sauce.  Very tasty!
This is where I'm sitting right now as I upload these pictures.  In a cabana on the beach, we just had a breakfast of waffle with fruit, (more like a thick crepe, very good) and coffee.  It's cloudy and there's a nice breeze.  I have no idea what the temperature is, maybe 80?  When the sun comes out, it feels hot but right here, right now, I'd say it's pretty perfect.


  1. I love your photos! They make me feel as if I'm on a virtual adventure looking over your shoulder.

  2. Jean shared your blog address and now I'm a "follower." What great trip -- I look forward to the next posts!

  3. Kim,
    It looks like you are having a wonderful time. I have been to Bali many times but not to Lombok or Gili Air. I am so jealous!

  4. Well I watched "South Pacific" Sunday afternoon! I am so envious you get to go to Bali! BaliiiiiHighhhhhhhhh. (I'm singing) :o)
    I look forward everyday for pics and commentary.
    Enjoy! (It was -19 degrees on the way home from work today)

  5. Kim and David,

    Finally feeling brave enough to post a comment :) Are you REALLY there? Wondering if places like this actually exist on this planet as I gaze out upon our white barren world. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip and gorgeous pictures. Enjoy!
    Kay (posting on Roberta's acct)