Friday, January 21, 2011


After a two hour boat ride on rather rough seas, Bali comes into view.  We landed at Padangbai.

A shuttle took us to Ubud.  We did not have lodging, so we asked the driver for a suggestion.  He said his friend has a place.  Here is where we're staying, upstairs, overlooking the pool.
First thing after checking in, was to stroll up the street and look at the sights.

These flowers are everywhere. 

 The streets are narrow, and everyone drives motorbikes.  As we walk along, there are men offering rides to us.  "Taxi?"  "Transport?"

The shrines are usually draped, I guess for modesty.

This picture was taken while sitting on our porch drinking morning coffee.  Several monkeys were running around on the roofs of the bungalows.  The staff did not like this and brought out a slingshot to chase them away.  Monkeys are fun to watch, but I didn't really care for it when one ran along the back of the bench we were sitting on.

Thursday morning:  a visit to the Monkey Forest.   This guy looks okay.  But I've decided that monkeys are kind of creepy when they start following you around and reaching into your pocket.

A Shrine in the Monkey Forest

Offerings like this are everywhere:  on the streets, in front of doors, on posts, on cars...

All of the above are from Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday (today) we took a day long cycling trip.  It's kind of slow posting pictures tonight, so I'll be back later with pictures of an amazing trip through the "real" Bali. 

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  1. Kim, I'm so glad you guys are having fun! Vibrato and I are having our own fun too! ;) But he really misses you guys. Your lucky you're there because we have recently gotten way more snow than I could have even bargained for. Yesterday I got stuck in your driveway with my car because of all the snow and when my dad came and finally pulled me out I was backing our of your driveway and got stuck again! >:( Needless to say, he plowed today. I look forward to seeing more pictures!