Monday, January 3, 2011

Giving the blog a name

As my readers know, until now the blog was called "Nameless Blog".  I decided it's time to name the blog, as it seems not so great to go into the world without a name.   Here's where this name comes from.   At work, I had a customer from Jakarta.   When I told her that I would be visiting her country soon, her answer was "I am surprised you will visit my country.  You will enjoy the food, the weather, and the view."

I know very little about the Food, other than rice is the staple and we will be having morning rice, midday rice, and evening rice.  Looking forward to tasting and learning new foods!

The Weather will be thoroughly enjoyed, especially when we think that back at home in January it's below 0 degrees Farenheit.  I realize we are going to The Ring of Fire and things could get more exciting than we bargain for.  It will be what it will be.

And the View.  This is where I will share the view.  Picture card is empty and ready to go!

Nine days til departure...

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