Friday, January 28, 2011

Pictures from Banda Aceh

Five Corner Cafe

Coffee Shop
The tsunami moved this ship 4 km away from where it was moored.  It's now a memorial site.

This is part of the memorial.  Just a park and a wall with lots of pictures on it.

You can go up onto the deck of the ship and look around at the city.

This is another memorial, in another part of town, the Boat on House.  The tsunami left this boat sitting on top of the house.


Solong Cafe is Aceh's first coffee shop.  We had breakfast there on Wednesday.

At all the coffee shops, they leave plates of food on the tables, and whatever you eat you pay for.  If you don't eat anything, they put it out on another table later.

Here's breakfast:  Lontong Pecel.  Sticky rice with water spinach and peanut sauce.

Typical street.  Businesses below, living quarters above.

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