Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another answer

The answer to the travel agent question.  I did call the boss of the travel agency and told him about my experience and how disappointed I was.  He apologized and explained how different agents have different styles and the one I was speaking with isn't the one if you want Warm Fuzzies.  I guess I wanted Warm Fuzzies.  So I did go back and talk to the right agent for me and we do have our tickets!!   And it was quite helpful to have an experienced travel agent plugging in the requests.  We're going to Indonesia in January for three weeks!  All we have to do is get ourselves there and Sarah will plan the rest of our itinerary.   I requested a visit to the orangutan refuge, David asked for snorkeling... And Sarah has sweet places she wants to show us in her adopted country. 

My intention now is to get used to posting on a regular basis, and get very familiar with uploading pictures so I can share this adventure with friends and family.  We'll see how I do.  

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