Sunday, September 19, 2010

The First Post

I was spending way too much time coming up with a name for my blog, hence the name.  I thought the url for the blog would be simple: first initial last name, there are no other K Ditzes... and someone has it!!  So, since it is my name and since I'm becoming more so the older I get... kditzy will have to do.

Why a blog?  The main reason for starting this is so I can post pictures when we travel to Asia in January.  But in looking over other people's blogs, I see quilters and knitters and gardeners (all of which I am) and maybe I'll post things about quilting and knitting and gardening... and reading and painting and other things.  Another good reason not to name the thing.

So this is my first experience with blogging.  And if I don't tell anyone it exists, no one will know.  But now it's late so things like my profile and deciding about the background and stuff... that will have to wait.

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